Show Edit

  • 1984-03-02
  • Available as two parts in a .rar file.
  • At the end of the show, Tommy notes that (i) Tony Wilson has just recorded a Samson session for future broadcast (ii) the following week's show (1984-03-09) will be presented by Andy Batten Foster and will be a Reading '83 repeat featuring Anvil, Pallas and Black Sabbath. (At the time of writing, these broadcasts have yet to come to light, but I can confirm that I recorded both the Reading and Samson sets and listened to them on rotation during the school easter holidays - Brigit).

Sessions Edit

  • Wishbone Ash, recorded 1971-07-05 for Top Gear. First TX 1971-07-10
  • Wishbone Ash, unknown. Tommy says 1971 but Ken only has ‘Blowing Free’ listed for 1972-04-18 or 1972-05-31
  • Wishbone Ash, recorded 1972-05-10 for Sounds Of The Seventies (Pete Drummond). First TX 1972-05-18
  • Glasgow, recorded 1983-12-16 for Friday Rock Show. First TX 1984-01-06

Track Listing Edit

File Edit

  • FRS, 1984-03-02.rar
  • Pt.1 01:02:57
  • Pt.2 00:55:46
  • 128kbps

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