Show Edit

  • 1979-11-02

Sessions Edit

  • Beatles, “From Us To You” recorded 1964-02-28 First TX 1964-03-30
  • Beatles, recorded 1964-11-17 for Top Gear. First TX 1964-11-26
  • Samson, recorded 1979-10-17 for Friday Rock Show. First TX 1979-11-02

Track Listing Edit

  • Ian Hunter: 'Cleveland Rocks' (7" Single)
  • Damned: 'Plan 9 Channel 7' (LP-Machine Gun Etiquette)
  • Moody Blues: 'Watching And Waiting' (LP-To Our Children's Children's Children)
  • Samson: 'Six Foot Under' (FRS session 1979-10-17)
  • Cream: 'Crossroads' (LP-Wheels Of Fire)
  • Beatles: '"From Us To You" with Fluff Freeman
  1. 'Can't Buy Me Love'
  2. 'Paul - Til There Was You'
  3. 'George - Roll Over Beethoven'
  4. 'John - All My Loving'
  5. 'Ringo - I Wanna Be Your Man'

File Edit

  • FRS 1979-11-02
  • 02:03:06
  • 192 kbps. Many thanks to Haze for recording and track listing.

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