Show Edit

  • 1988-09-02
  • A Bon Jovi special


  • None

Track Listing Edit

  • Anthrax: Make Me Laugh (7") Island
  • Blue Oyster Cult: In The Presence Of Another World (LP - Imaginos) Columbia
  • Iggy Pop: Cold Metal (LP - Instinct)
  • Helloween: Dr Stein (LP - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2) Noise
  • Bad Company: Excited (CD - Dangerous Age) Atlantic
  • Vixen: Edge Of A Broken Heart (7") EMI
  • Excalibur: Come On And Rock (LP - Demo '87) Self Released  
  • Metallica: The Prince (12" - Harvester Of Sorrow) Vertigo
  • Europe: More Than Meets The Eye (LP - Out Of This World) Epic
  • Guns N' Roses: Sweet Child O' Mine (7") Geffen
  • Tape edit in the middle of the track above
  • Interview with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi
  • Bon Jovi: Bad Medicine (7") Vertigo
  • Interview continues
  • Bon Jovi: Lay Your Hands On Me (LP - New Jersey) Vertigo
  • Interview continues
  • Bon Jovi: 99 In The Shade (LP - New Jersey) Vertigo
  • Vance plays a jingle after he forgot the question for a competition
  • Stryper: Always There For You (7") Enigma
  • Magnum: Start Talking Love (LP - Wings Of Heaven) 
  • Soho Roses: So Alone (7") Trash Can
  • Lauren Smoken: Rock A Bye Baby (LP - Lauren Smoken) Loop
  • Kiss: Turn On The Night (7") Vertigo
  • Metallica: Eye Of The Beholder (LP - ...And Justice For All) Vertigo
  • Britny Fox: Fun In Texas (LP - Britny Fox) Columbia
  • Bon Jovi: Bad Medicine (7") Vertigo (A short snippet before the show ends)

File Edit

  • Tommy Vance Friday Rock Show (2nd September 1988) [TapeRip (mp3)]
  • 01:56:23
  • Many thanks to the uploader

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