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Show Edit

  • 1988-04-03
  • Only the first 45 minutes of Alan Freeman's London's Capital Radio Rock Show


  • None

Track Listing Edit

  • Sammy Hagar: Standin' At The Same Old Crossroads (LP - I Never Said Goodbye) Geffen
  • Saxon: Red Alert (LP - Destiny) EMI
  • Commercial Adverts
  • There are disturbances between the 16th and 19th minute, which has interruptions from a different radio station (most likely Radio 4).
  • Thin Lizzy: Heart Attack (LP - Thunder And Lightning) Vertigo
  • Krokus: Axx Attack (LP - Heart Attack) MCA
  • Commercial Adverts
  • World Of Difference promo
  • Gillan & Glover: She Took My Breath Away (LP - Accidentally On Purpose) Virgin
  • Cross: Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked, Wily Waitress) (LP - Shove It) Virgin
  • Commercial Adverts
  • Golden Earring: The Vanilla Queen (LP - Moontan) Track
  • Tape Ends


  • Alan Freeman Capital Rock Show 3rd April 1988
  • 00:45:50
  • Many thanks to Robin Carmody

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