Show Edit

  • 1980-10-03

Sessions Edit

  • Magnum, live at Reading Festival, 24th August 1980
  • Krokus, live at Reading Festival, 22nd August 1980

Track Listing Edit

  • Rainbow: 'Stargazer' (LP-VA Monsters Of Rock - Donnington 1980)
  • Molly Hatchet: 'Double Talker' (LP-Beatin' The Odds)
  • Slade: 'Born To Be Wild' (7” Single – 4 track Reading 1980 EP)
  • Gamma: 'Something In The AIr' (7" Single)
  • Saxon: 'Strong Arm Of The Law' (7" Single)
  • Poco: 'Down To The Wire' (LP-Under The Gun)
  • Magnum: live at Reading Festival, 24th August 1980
  1. 'Reborn'
  2. 'Changes'
  3. 'Sacred hour'
  4. 'All Of My Life'
  5. 'Invasion'
  6. 'Kingdom Of Madness'
  1. 'Mad Racket'
  2. 'Fire'
  3. 'Bedside Radio'
  4. 'Heat Strokes'
  5. 'She's Got Everything'
  6. 'Bye Bye Baby'
  • Uriah Heep: 'Return To Fantasy' (LP-Return To Fantasy)
  • Money: 'Leo The Jester' (LP-VA - Metal Explosion)
  • Touch: 'Don't You Know What Love Is' (LP-Monsters Of Rock)

File Edit

  • FRS 1980-10-03
  • 02:00:08
  • 192 kbps.

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