Show Edit

  • 1982-03-05
Due to the Gong archive session tracks being cut out the file is some 29 minutes shorter than you would expect for a whole show!

Sessions Edit

  • Euphoria - repeat of the session first broadcast 11th December 1981
  • Gong - (archive session) the tracks have been cut out of this copy, there is a Gong archive session available in the show dated 1st May 1981

Track Listing Edit

  • Gary Moore: 'Nuclear Attack' (LP-Dirty Fingers) (Jet)
  • Thin Lizzy: 'Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)' (LP-Thunder & Lightning) (Vertigo)
  • Blackfoot: 'Dry County' (LP-Marauder) (Atco)
  • Doc Holliday: 'Last Ride' (LP-Doc Holliday Rides Again) (A&M)
  • Euphoria: 'No One Else But You' (session)
  • Iron Maiden 'The Prisoner (LP-Number Of The Beast) (EMI)
  • Tygers Of Pan Tang : 'Love Potion No 9' (LP-The Cage) (MCA)
  • The Cars: 'Shake It Up' (LP-Shake It Up) (Elektra)
  • Demon 'One Helluva Night' (LP-Night Of The Demon) (Carrere)
  • Euphoria: 'Don't Wanna Lose You' (session)
  • Friday Night Connection
  • Euphoria: 'Fight For The World (session)
  • Loverboy: 'Jump' (LP-Get Lucky) (Columbia)
  • Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton: 'Crossroads'
  • The Michael Schenker Group: 'On & On (LP-MSG) (Chrysalis)
  • Euphoria 'Looking For You' (session)
  • Schon & Hammer 'Wasting Time' (LP-Here To Stay) (CBS)
  • Magnum: 'Sacred Hour' (LP-Chase The Dragon) (Jet)

File Edit


27.FRS.05.03.82 Whole




Here: [1]

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