Show Edit

  • 1989-03-05

Session Edit

  • Deep Purple: BBC Top Gear Session. Recorded: 1969-01-14

Track Listing Edit

  • Part 1 starts at the beginning of the tape
  • WASP: Shoot From The Hip (LP - Inside The Electric Circus) Capitol
  • Gary Moore: Running From The Storm (LP - After The War) Virgin
  • Free: Mr Big (LP - Free Live) Island
  • Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force: Crystal Ball (LP - Odyssey) Polydor
  • Joe Walsh: Life's Been Good (LP - "But Seriously, Folks...") Asylum
  • Aerosmith: Back In The Saddle (LP - Rocks) Columbia
  • Tesla: Party's Over (LP - The Great Radio Controversy) Geffen
  • Grand Funk Railroad: Inside Looking Out (LP - Grand Funk) Capitol
  • Vixen: Cryin' (7") EMI
  • Deep Purple: BBC Top Gear Session
  1. Hey Joe
  • Part 1 tape cuts off at the end of the song above

File Edit

  • Alan Freeman Saturday Rock Show - 5th March 1989 Pt 1.mp3
  • 01:02:23
  • Audio starts 6 seconds into the tape

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