Show Edit

  • 1980-09-05

Sessions Edit

  • Samson, live at Reading Festival 23rd August 1980
  • Slade, live at Reading Festival 24th August 1980

Track Listing Edit

  • AC DC: 'Walk All Over You' (LP-Highway To Hell)
  • Kiss: 'What Makes The World Go Round' (7" Single)
  • Fleetwood Mac: 'Dreams' (LP-Rumours)
  • Jethro Tull: 'Living In The Past' (LP-Best Of)
  • Whitesnake: 'Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City' (LP-Snakebite)
  • Pink Floyd: 'Empty Spaces' (LP-The Wall)
  • Pink Floyd: 'Young Lust' (LP-The Wall)
  • Samson: Reading Festival, 23rd August 1980
  1. 'Take It Like A Man'
  2. 'Hard Times'
  3. 'Vice Versa'
  4. 'Walking Out On You'
  5. 'Hammerhead'
  1. 'Take Me Back Home'
  2. 'When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin
  3. 'The Wheels Ain't Coming Down'
  4. 'Something Else Medley'
  5. 'Crowd - You'll Never Walk Alone'
  6. 'Mama We're All Crazy Now'
  7. 'Get Down And Get With It'
  8. 'Crowd - Merry Xmas Everybody'
  9. 'Cum On Feel The Noize'

File Edit

  • FRS 1980-09-05
  • 02:00:52
  • 192 kbps.

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