Show Edit

  • 1979-07-06

Sessions Edit

  • The Ruts, recorded 1979-05-14 for John Peel (Session #2). First TX 1979-05-21.
  • Free, recorded 1968-07-15 for Top Gear. First TX 1968-07-21.
  • Free, recorded 1969-03-17 for Top Gear. First TX 1969-03-23
  • Free, recorded 1970
  • Free, recorded 1971-04-19 for Mike Harding. First TX 1971-04-27

Track Listing Edit

  • Montrose: 'Rock Candy' (LP-Montrose)
  • Ruts: 'It Was Cold' (Peel Session 1979-05-14)
  • Lake: 'Paradise Way' (LP-Paradise Island)
  • Alan Parsons: 'Fall Of The House Of Usher' (LP-Tales Of Mystery And Imagination)
  • Free: 'Waiting On You' (Top Gear 1968-07-15)
  • Free: 'Broad Daylight' (Top Gear 1969-03-17)
  • Free: 'Song Of Yesterday' (Top Gear 1969-03-17)
  • Free: 'All Right Now' (1970 Session)
  • Ruts: 'Something That I Said' (Peel Session 1979-05-14)
  • Lew Lewis: 'Mr Bartender' (LP-Save The Wail)
  • Tangerine Dream: 'Cloudburst Flight' (LP-Force Majeure)
  • Hawkwind: 'Lord Of Light' (LP-Space Ritual)
  • Friday Night Connection
  • Robert Palmer: 'Under Suspision' (LP-Secrets)
  • Ruts: 'Sus' (Peel Session 1979-05-14)
  • Van Halen: 'Running With The Devil' (LP-Van Halen)
  • Sniff And The Tears: 'Drivers Seat' (LP-Fickle Heart)
  • Free: 'Fire And Water' (LP-1970 Session)
  • Free: 'Get Where I Belong' (Mike Harding 1971-04-19)
  • Free: 'Ride On Pony' (Mike Harding 1971-04-19)
  • Bob Dylan: 'Joey' (LP-Desire)

File Edit

  • FRS 1979-07-06
  • 02:01:58
  • 192 kbps. Many thanks to Haze for recording and track listing.

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