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  • 1979-09-07

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  • James Gang: 'Standing In The Rain' (LP-Bang)
  • AC DC: 'The Girls Got Rhythm' (LP-Highway To Hell)
  • Judas Priest: 'The Ripper' (LP-Unleashed In The East)
  • Judas Priest: 'Green Manalishi' (LP-Unleashed In The East)
  • Skyhooks: 'Women In Uniform' (LP-Guilty Until Proven Insane)
  • Bob Dylan: 'Change My Way Of Thinking' (LP-Slow Train Coming)
  • Cream: 'Sunshine Of Your Love' (LP-Heavy Cream)
  • Gary Numan: 'M.E.' (LP-Pleasure Principle)
  • Tangerine Dream: 'Cloudburst Flight' (LP-Force Majeure)
  • Byrds: 'Eight Miles High' (LP-5th Dimension)
  • City Boy: 'The Day The Earth Caught Fire' (LP-The Day The Earth Caught Fire)
  • Friday Night Connection
  • Tycoon: 'Too Late New York City' (LP-Tycoon)
  • Molly Hatchet: 'Dreams I'll Never See' (LP-Molly Hatchet Live)
  • Police: 'Message In A Bottle' (7" Single)
  • Steve Hackett live at Reading Festival
  1. 'Please Don't Touch'
  2. 'Tigermoth'
  3. 'Every Day'
  4. 'Octagon'
  5. 'Tower Struck Down'
  6. 'Spectral Mornings'
  7. 'Clocks'
  8. 'I Know What I Like'

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  • FRS 1979-09-07
  • 02:02:13
  • 192 kbps. Many thanks to Haze for recording and track listing.