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  • 1988-01-08
  • "Took a trip to the old import shop this week, did a bit of shopping and you'll hear some of the results tonight on the programme."


  • Ozzy Osbourne, Monsters Of Rock, Donington Park, 1986-08-16 (rpt). First TX 12 December 1986. No known official release (but a couple of unofficial ones).

Track Listing Edit

File a

Ozzy Osbourne liveEdit

  1. Suicide Solution
  2. Never Know Why
  3. Mr. Crowley
  4. Shot In The Dark
  5. I Don't Know (File b begins here)
  6. Killer Of Giants
  7. Iron Man
  8. Crazy Train
  9. Paranoid

File Edit

  • a) FRS-1988-01-08-A
  • b) FRS-1988-01-08-B
  • a) 01:01:20
  • b) 00:58:03
  • Many thanks to Hal C F Astell.
  1. TV has the label and LP title confused here.
  2. More artist and label confusion here.

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