Show Edit

  • 1987-04-10


Track Listing Edit

  • Part 1
  • News
  • M.A.R.S.: Nations On Fire (LP - Project: Driver) Roadrunner
  • Cult: Lil' Devil (7") Vertigo
  • Whitesnake: Children Of The Night (LP - 1987) Geffen
  • Heretic: Blood Will Tell (LP - Torture Knows No Boundary) Roadrunner
  • Monochrome Men: Jump Back (Session)
  • Rainbow: Kill The King (LP - Long Live Rock 'N' Roll) Polydor
  • Raven: Life's A Bitch (LP - Life's A Bitch) Atlantic
  • Liege Lord: Transgressor (LP - Burn To My Touch) Metal Blade
  • Shy: Break Down The Walls (7") RCA
  • Bryan Adams: Victim Of Love (7") A&M
  • Monochrome Men: Harder To Love (Session)
  • Malice: Murder (LP - Licence To Kill) Atlantic
  • Lie Back And Enjoy It
  1. Metallica: Orion (LP - Master Of Puppets) Music For Nations (Part 2 starts in the middle of the track)
  2. Agent Steel: Never Surrender (LP - Unstoppable Force) Combat
  3. Iron Maiden: Wasted Years (LP - Somewhere In Time) EMI
  • Monochrome Men: Dig Deep (Session)
  • Foreplay: Hot 'N Heavy (EP - Hot 'N Heavy) Ace
  • Slayer: Altar Of Sacrifice (LP - Reign In Blood) Def Jam
  • Dokken: Dream Warriors (LP - Back For The Attack) Elektra
  • Tesla: Cover Queen (LP - Mechanical Resonance) Geffen
  • Bitch: Skullcrusher (LP - The Bitch Is Back) Metal Blade
  • Monochrome: Songs Of Love (Session)
  • Rush: By-Tor & The Snow Dog (LP - Fly By Night) Mercury
  • End of show
  • News

File Edit

  • Tommy Vance 870410 - pt1 
  • Tommy Vance 870410 - pt2
  • 1:00:19
  • 1:01:43
  • 192 kbps. Many thanks to the original uploader for recording and track listing.

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