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  • 1988-06-10
  • Taper: "Date is confirmed as 10 Jun 1988 because of an advert for the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute concert 'this Saturday' at Wembley Stadium, which took place on 11 Jun 1988. Tommy mentions that the next week's show will be a Deep Purple special. Given that Tommy offers a Friday Rock Show patch for five people who can identify which single the Crazyhead track sounds like and then plays that on the next show, I'm assuming that the Deep Purple special was delayed a week. Tommy also mentions that he'll get together with Queensrÿche for a future special." [1]

Sessions Edit

  • D Rose, one and only (rpt). Recorded: 1988-04-08. No known commercial release.

Track Listing Edit

File a

File b

File Edit

  • a) FRS-1988-06-10-A
  • b) FRS-1988-06-10-B
  • a) 00:59:11
  • b) 00:59:12
  • Many thanks to Hal C F Astell.

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