Show Edit

  • 1978-08-12
  • Alan Freeman presenting his rock show on BBC Radio One
  • An incomplete show


  • None

Track Listing Edit

  • Joe Walsh: At The Station (LP - But Seriously Folks) Asylum
  • Frankie Miller: (I Can't) Breakaway (LP - Double Trouble) Chrysalis
  • Joni Mitchell: Hejira (LP - Hejira) Asylum (Fluff puts the wrong song instead of 'Amelia')
  • Gruppo Sportivo: I Shot My Manager (LP - 10 Mistakes) Ariola
  • Fluff gives out the traffic news
  • Buzzcocks: Boredom (EP - Spiral Scratch) New Hormones
  • Boston: Don't Look Back (LP - Don't Look Back) Epic
  • Boston: The Journey (LP - Don't Look Back) Epic
  • Boston: It's Easy (LP - Don't Look Back) Epic
  • Boston: A Man I'll Never Be (LP - Don't Look Back) Epic
  • Dead Boys: I Won't Look Back (LP - We Have Come For Your Children) Sire
  • Eagles: Good Day In Hell (LP - On The Border) Asylum
  • Moody Blues: Watching And Waiting (LP - To Our Children's Children's Children) Threshold
  • News
  • Rolling Stones: Beast Of Burden (LP - Some Girls) Rolling Stones
  • The Who: Who Are You (LP - Who Are You) Polydor
  • The Who: Music Must Change (LP - Who Are You) Polydor
  • Tape cuts out


  • Alan Freeman Rock Show 780812 rem.mp3
  • 1:16:13

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