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12 February 1982

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 Show Edit

  • 1982-02-12
  • Tommy introduces tonight's show: "Only one session tonight but it’s 51 minutes long and it’s coming up at 11 o’clock; Judas Priest recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon last year."

Sessions Edit

  • None

Track Listing Edit

  • Krokus: “Bad Boys & Rag Dolls” (LP - One Vice At A Time) Arista
  • Anvil: “Bedroom Game” (LP - Hard ‘N’ Heavy) Attic (Canadian Import)
  • Steve Hackett: “Clocks - The Angel Of Mons” (LP - Spectral Mornings) Charisma
  • Mike Rutherford: “Time & Time Again” (LP - Smallcreep’s Day) Charisma
  • Soldier: “Sheralee” (single) Heavy Metal Records
  • Atomic Rooster: “The End Of The Day” (single) Polydor
  • Jimmy Page: “Jam Sandwich” (Death Wish II OST) Swan Song
  • Jimmy Page: “Prelude” (Death Wish II OST) Swan Song
  • Led Zeppelin: “Achilles Last Stand” (LP - Presence) Swan Song
  • Friday Night Connection

Tommy makes a plea to make next week’s FNC have an Irish connection as next week’s show is all Irish music. “Good luck begorrah!”

Judas Priest in concert 21st November 1981

  • Green Manalishi With The Two Pronged Crown
  • Victim Of Changes
  • You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise
  • Grinder
  • Beyond The Realms Of Death
  • Sinner
  • Breaking The Law
  • Hell Bent For Leather
  • Metal Gods

File  Edit


  • FRS 1982-02-12


  • 1:01:29
  • 0:54:14


  • Unfortunately there is some degradation in the recording with some tape wobble and clicks. Thanks to Stan Ward for the rescue and the upload!


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