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  • 1981-06-12
  • Flashback 72, featuring sessions and tracks from the year. No Friday Night Connection.

Sessions Edit

  • David Bowie. Recorded 1972-05-16 (Peel Session #4). First TX 1972-05-23 (Top Gear). No known commercial release (but at least one unofficial one).
  • Thin Lizzy. Recorded 1972-11-14 (Peel Session #3). First TX 1972-11-28 (Top Gear). Available on remastered edition of Shades Of A Blue Orphanage (Decca).
  • Heads Hands & Feet. Recorded 1972-05-02. First TX 1972-05-15 (Bob Harris' Sounds Of The Seventies). No known commercial release.
  • Roxy Music. Recorded 1972-05-23 (Peel Session #2). First TX 1972-06-23 (Top Gear). No known commercial release.
  • Roxy Music. Recorded 1972-07-18 (Peel Session #3). First TX 1972-08-01 (Top Gear). No known commercial release.

Track Listing Edit

File Edit

  • FRS 1981-06-12
  • 01:58:24
  • Many thanks to Haze for recording and track listing.

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