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  • 1987-06-12


Track ListingEdit

File a

  • Y&T: L.A. Rocks (LP - Contagious) Geffen
  • Ezo: House of 1,000 Pleasures (LP - Ezo) Geffen
  • Black Sabbath: Neon Knights (LP - Heaven And Hell) Warner Brothers
  • Blood Money: 'Shapeshifter' (FRS Session)
  • E-X-E: Stricken By Might (LP - Stricken By Might) Shatter
  • Tape Edit
  • Blood Money: 'The Third Wish' (FRS Session)
  • Saxon: 747 (Strangers In The Night) (LP - Wheels Of Steel) EMI
  • Johnny Walker promo
  • Slayer: Criminally Insane (LP - Reign In Blood) Def Jam
  • Little Angels: Bad Or Just No Good (LP - Too Posh To Mosh) Powerstation
  • Tape Edit

File b

File Edit

  • a) Tommy Vance Friday Rock Show (12th June 1987) [TapeRip (mp3)]
  • b) FRS-1987-06-12-B
  • a) 01:36:34
  • b) 00:59:19
  • a) 192 kbps. Many thanks to the original uploader for recording and track listing.
  • b) Many thanks to Hal C F Astell for the recording.
  1. "You can hear what Blood Money are up to these days by visiting There are soon to be re-releases of both the Blood Money albums on black and coloured vinyl! We will keep this page and our FaceBook/Reverb Nation pages up to date with details! Enjoy, Take Care and KEEP ROCKIN!!! All the best... Blood Money."

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