Show Edit

  • 1980-09-12

Sessions Edit

  • Def Leppard, live at Reading Festival 24th August 1980
  • Gillan, live at Reading Festival 22nd August 1980

Track Listing Edit

  • Gamma: 'Mean Streak' (LP-Gamma 2)
  • Peter Gabriel: 'Here Comes The Flood' (LP-Peter Gabriel 1 (Car))
  • Vardis: 'Let's Go' (7" Single)
  • Samson: 'Take It Like A Man' (LP-VA - Metal Explosion)
  • David Bowie: 'Teenage Wild Life' (LP-Scary Monsters)
  • Gregg Allman: 'Midnight Rider' (LP-Laid Back)
  • Def Leppard: Reading Festival, 24th August 1980
  1. 'Satellite'
  2. 'When The Walls Came Tumbling Down'
  3. 'Medicine Man'
  4. 'Overture'
  5. 'Lady Strange'
  6. 'Getcha Rocks Off'
  1. 'Unchain Your Brain'
  2. 'Mr Universe'
  3. 'If You Believe Me'
  4. 'Trouble'
  5. 'Vengeance'
  6. 'Smoke On The Water'

File Edit

  • FRS 1980-09-12
  • 02:00:23
  • 192 kbps.

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