Show Edit

  • 1988-05-13
  • a) Last 40 minutes of show missing.
  • b) & c) Complete show.
  • Date of show confirmed due to TV mentioning that he had seen Judas Priest live in Berlin the previous night, which would have been at the Deutschlandhalle on 12 May.
  • Taper: "One (session) track was omitted, probably because Tommy's wife rang him up to have him play Comfortably Numb. Tommy calls the last track Your Kind of Love, even though he called it Your Kind of Loving in March. The lyrics seem to include both, so your guess is as good as mine."
  • Tommy has a bit of trouble playing the right songs tonight and twice queues up the wrong track.

Sessions Edit

Track Listing Edit

Files a and b begin

File b ends, c begins

File a ends

File Edit

  • a) Tommy Vance Friday Rock Show (6th May 1988) Tape rip (mp3) NB Note incorrect file date
  • b) FRS-1988-05-13-A
  • c) FRS-1988-05-13-B
  • a) 01:21:32
  • b) 01:02:09
  • c) 00:56:52
  • a) Many thanks to Killason.
  • b) Many thanks to Hal C F Astell.
  1. TV meant to play Heaven Tonight, but put the needle in the wrong place.
  2. Title confirmed with reference to Ken Garner's In Session Tonight, p.213 (BBC Books, 1993).

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