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  • 1987-08-14
  • "Mainly new stuff tonight, plenty of new releases kicking about...a debut session by a London-based bunch who call themselves the Idol Rich."
  • Taper: "Date confirmed. Tommy advises that Donington is a week and a day away and that WASP are playing. This is the Monsters of Rock Festival on 22 Aug 1987."

Sessions Edit

  • Idol Rich, one and only. Recorded: unknown. No known commercial release.

Track Listing Edit

File a

(TV: 'Of course, to a lot of people it's gonna be real earache, that sort of stuff, and that is why it's on the Earache record label, and why not? I actually think they're brilliant, I really do....they are so fast and so solid. It's an acquired taste I suppose...but I think it's superb.')

File b

File Edit

  • a) FRS-1987-08-14-A
  • b) FRS-1987-08-14-B
  • c) FRS-1987-08-14-N
  • a) 01:02:34
  • b) 00:56:04
  • c) 00:06:39
  • Many thanks to Hal C F Astell. Files display audible evidence of print through from previous recording.

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