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  • 1992-08-14


  • Repeat session by previous Rock War winners Karrallon
  • Interview with Scott Gorham talking about his new band 21 Guns
  • Advert trails the following week's Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington

Sessions Edit

Track Listing Edit

  • Ted Nugent: Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (LP - Double Live Gonzo)
  • Intro - Take It Off The Top, TV introduces the line-up for the show
  • 21 Guns: Knee Deep (LP - Salute)
  • Scott Gorham interview
  • Thin Lizzy: Waiting For An Alibi (LP - Black Rose)
  • 21 Guns: Marching In Time (LP - Salute)
  • News
  • Tommy counts down the Top 30 Hard Rock singles for the week
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers: Breaking The Girl (LP - Blood Sugar Sex Magic)
  • Karrollan: Live It Up (session)
  • Human Crisis: Mists Of Time (Rock War Act 1)
  • Wake Up Screamin': ????? (Rock War Act 2)
  • Aurora: If You Don't Like It (Rock War Act 3)
  • Tommy gives some info about previous Rock War winners Fahrenheit
  • Atom Seed: Dead Happy (EP) London
  • Karrollan: Bad Boys (session)
  • ELP: Karn Evil 9 (LP - Brain Salad Surgery)
  • Shadow Gallery: Questions At Hand (LP - Shadow Gallery)
  • Skid Row: Youth Gone Wild (LP - Skid Row)
  • News
  • Karrallon: Never Let It Die (session)
  • Pop's Cool Love: Fall Down (EP)
  • Monsters of Rock 1992 advert
  • Thunder: Laughing On Judgement Day (LP - Laughing On Judgement Day)
  • Roger Waters: What God Wants Pt1 (LP - Amused To Death)
  • Karrallon: Double Trouble (session)

File Edit


  • 1992-08-14 (full show in three parts)


  • Many thanks to original uploader Chris F!


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