Show Edit

  • 1987-07-17
  • An incomplete episode


Track Listing Edit

  • Part 1
  • Tape cuts in
  • Poison: Look What The Cat Dragged In (LP - Look What The Cat Dragged In) Capitol
  • Celtic Frost: Return To The Eve (EP - Tragic Serenades) Noise
  • Whitesnake: Is This Love (7") EMI
  • Gaye Bykers On Acid: Nosedive Karma (EP - Nosedive Karma) In Tape
  • Rock Goddess: Boys Will Be Boys (LP - Young & Free) Just In Distribution
  • Voodoo Child: Voodoo Child (Session)
  • Alex Masi: Daybreak (LP - Fire In The Rain) Metal Blade
  • Tesla: Little Suzi (LP - Mechanical Resonance) Geffen
  • Geisha: You Got What It Takes (LP - Phantasmagoria) Heavy Metal Worldwide
  • Lie Back And Enjoy It:
  1. Demon: Don't Break The Circle (LP - The Unexpected Guest) Carrere
  2. Y&T: Anytime At All (LP - Down For The Count) A&M Records
  3. Queensryche: Take Hold Of The Flame (LP - The Warning) EMI
  4. Judas Priest: The Sentinel (LP - Defenders Of The Faith) CBS
  • Part 2
  • Tape starts at the middle of Y&T and plays the rest of Lie Back And Enjoy It
  • Vance chats with the listener who choose the tracks for Lie Back And Enjoy It
  • Beastie Boys: No Sleep Till Brooklyn (7") Def Jam
  • Voodoo Child: In Shadows (Session)
  • Seducer: Liar (These Are Gods) (LP - Eads Down See You In The End) label unknown
  • Scrubs: Time For You (7") Flicknife
  • Godz: Criminal Mind (Rock & Roll Heart) (LP - Mongolians) Grudge
  • Omen: Nightmares (LP - Nightmares) Metal Blade
  • Voodoo Child: Free The Spirit (Session)
  • Thin Lizzy: Still In Love With You (Live) (7" - Thunder & Lightning) Vertigo
  • Helloween: Twilight Of The Gods (LP - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 1)
  • The End
  • News
  • Transmission goes to Radio 2 with The Firm's Arthur Daley being played

File Edit

  • Tommy Vance 870516 - pt1 (date is wrong on the file)
  • Tommy Vance 870516 - pt2 (date is wrong on the file)
  • 48:59
  • 59:29
  • 192 kbps. Many thanks to the original uploader for recording and track listing.

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