Show Edit

  • 1980-05-16
  • Flashback 1969
  • First 27 minutes of the show missing.

Sessions Edit

  • Deep Purple, recorded 1969 exact date unknown.
  • Deep Purple, recorded 1969-06-24 for Tony Brandon. First TX 1969-07-01
  • Yes, recorded 1969-01-07 for Top Gear. First TX 1969-01-12
  • Pink Floyd, recorded 1969-05-12 for Night Ride. First TX 1969-05-14

Track Listing Edit

  • King Crimson: '21st Century Schitzoid Man' (LP-In The Court Of The Crimson King) (not on the tape)
  • Bob Dylan: 'Country Pie' (LP-Nashville Skyline)
  • David Bowie: 'Space Oddity' (LP-Space Oddity)
  • Genesis: 'In The Beginning' (LP-From Genesis To Revelation)
  • Deep Purple: 'Emmaretta' (1969 session)
  • Deep Purple: 'Lalena' (Brandon session 1969-06-24)
  • Deep Purple: 'The Painter' (Brandon session 1969-06-24)
  • Beatles: 'Mean Mister Mustard' (LP-Abbey Road)
  • Beatles: 'Polythene Pam' (LP-Abbey Road)
  • Beatles: 'She Came in Through The Bathroom Window' (LP-Abbey Road)
  • Neil Young: 'Cinnamon Girl' (7” Single)
  • Soft Machine: 'Concise British Alphabet Pt.2' (LP-Soft Machine)
  • Led Zeppelin: 'What Is And What Will Never Be' (LP-Led Zeppelin II)
  • Yes: 'Sweetness' (LP-Session)
  • Yes: 'Somethings Coming' (LP-Session)
  • CSN&Y: 'Wooden Ships' (LP-Woodstock)
  • Who: 'We're Not Gonna Take It' (LP-Woodstock)
  • Jethro Tull: 'We Used To Know' (LP-Stand Up)
  • Santana: 'Black Magic Woman' (LP-Abraxas)
  • Pink Floyd: 'The Narrow Way' (Night Ride session 1969-05-12)
  • Pink Floyd: 'Green Is The Colour' (Night Ride session 1969-05-12)
  • Cream: 'I'm So Glad' (LP-Cream Live)

File Edit

  • FRS 1980-05-16
  • 01:33:27
  • 192 kbps.