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  • 1988-09-16
  • Hal: "Before the Marillion track, Tommy reads an EMI press release announcing that Fish is leaving the band. Tommy announces a new rock show on Radio 1 called Night Rocking, which he will present as of 1 Oct 1988. 12.00am to 2.00am on Saturday nights. Date confirmed by news after the show which mentions that the opening ceremony for the Seoul Olympics will start within a few hours. That was 17 Sep 1988, dating this to 16 Sep 1988." [1]


  • Metal Messiah, one and only. Recorded: 1988-07-01. No known commercial release.

Track Listing Edit

Files a and b

File c

File d

  • news

File Edit

  • a) Tommy Vance Friday Rock Show (16th September 1988) [TapeRip (mp3)]
  • b) FRS-1988-09-16-A
  • c) FRS-1988-09-16-B
  • d) FRS-1988-09-16-N
  • a) 01:55:14
  • b) 01:02:26
  • c) 00:57:07
  • d) 00:04:16
  • a) Many thanks to the uploader.
  • b, c) & d) Many thanks to Hal C F Astell. Tape flip occurs mid Tank track.

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