Show Edit

  • 1988-09-16
  • Vance announces that Fish has left Marillion


Track Listing Edit

  • Riot: Fight Or Fall (LP - Thundersteel) CBS
  • Dogs D'Amour: I Don't Want You To Go (7") China
  • Marillion: Tux On (7" - Sugar Mice) EMI
  • Suicide Squad: Live It While You Can (12") Music For Nations 
  • Uriah Heep: Easy Livin' (LP - Live In Moscow) Legacy
  • Tesla: Modern Day Cowboy (LP - Mechanical Resonance) Geffen
  • Metallica: Harvester Of Sorrow (7") Vertigo
  • Metal Messiah: Nightwing (Session)
  • Vance advertises an extra rock show called Night Rockin' starting from 1st October
  • Bon Jovi: Lay Your Hands On Me (LP - New Jersey) Vertigo
  • Vance advertises new frequencies for BBC Radio One
  • Tank: Just Like Something From Hell (LP - This Means War) Music For Nations 
  • Hydra Vein: Rabid (LP - Rather Death Than False Of Faith) Metalother
  • Roger Scott promo
  • Shout: Dancin' Round The World (LP - It Won't Be Long) Music For Nations
  • BulletBoys: Hard As A Rock (LP - BulletBoys) Warner Brothers
  • Metal Messiah: Intro / Metal Messiah (Session)
  • Crazyhead: Rags (7") Food
  • Vance advertises new frequencies for BBC Radio One
  • Whitesnake: Here I Go Again (U.S. Remix) (v/a LP - Hot City Nights) Vertigo
  • Rock City Angels: Our Little Secret (LP - Young Man's Blues) Geffen
  • Guns N' Roses: Move To The City (EP - Live?!*@ Like A Suicide) Uzi Suicide
  • Metal Messiah: Curse Of The King (Session)
  • Anthrax: Make Me Laugh (7") Island
  • Cloven Hoof: Nova Battlestar (LP - Dominator) Heavy Metal

File Edit

  • Tommy Vance Friday Rock Show (16th September 1988) [TapeRip (mp3)]
  • 01:55:14
  • Many thanks to the uploader

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