• 1992-07-17


  • TV interviews Dave Mustaine of Megadeth on the telephone from Toronto.
  • There is a competition where listeners are invited to nominate their favourite riff of all time

Sessions Edit

  • Israfel (former Rock War winners from Newton Le Willows) #1. Recorded: 1992-03-06. Broadcast: 03 April 1992

Track Listing Edit

  • Wolfsbane: 'Temple Of Rock' (LP - Down Fall The Good Guys') Def American
  • Intro - Take It Off The Top, TV introduces the line-up for the show
  • Suicidal Tendencies: 'Gotta Kill Captain Stupid' (LP - The Art Of Rebellion) Epic
  • Israfel: 'Crime Of Passion' (session)
  • Thunder: 'Low Life In High Places' (LP - Laughing On Judgement Day) EMI
  • 24-7 Spyz - 'Last Call' (LP - Strength In Numbers) EastWest
  • L7 - 'Slide' (LP - Bricks Are Heavy) Slash
  • News
  • Tommy counts down the Top 30 Hard Rock / Heavy Metal singles
  • Iron Maiden - 'From Here To Eternity' (LP - Fear Of The Dark) EMI
  • Israfel - 'Skin Deep' (Session)
  • Sons Of Eden: 'Out Of The Dark' (Rock War Act 1)
  • Rachel's Breakdown: 'All The Glory' (Rock War Act 2)
  • Chase: 'Burning Down' (Rock War Act 3)
  • Motorhead: 'I Ain't No Nice Guy' (LP - March Or Die) Epic
  • Faith No More: 'A Small Victory' (LP - Angel Dust) Slash
  • Israfel: 'Tale From The City' (session)
  • Bryan Adams: 'All I Want Is You' (LP - Waking Up The Neighbours) A&M
  • Joe Satriani: 'Motorcycle Driver' (LP - The Extremist) Relativity
  • Tool - 'Hush' (LP - Opiate) Volcano
  • News
  • Danzig: 'The Heart Of The Devil' (LP - Danzig III How The Gods Kill) Def American
  • Mama's Boys - 'What You See Is What You Get' (missing from recording)
  • Israfel: 'Strength Of Heart' (session)
  • Megadeth: 'Symphony Of Destruction' (LP - Symphony Of Destruction) Capitol
  • Dave Mustaine interview
  • Megadeth: 'Sweating Bullets' (LP - Symphony Of Destruction) Capitol
  • TV announces the Rock War heat winners

File Edit

  • 1992-07-17 (full show in three parts)
  • Many thanks to original up-loader Chris Franklin!