• 1992-01-18
  • An incomplete show


  • None (Although the Archive set is trailed as Magnum at Hammersmith Odeon in 1987 - this is a repeat of the show broadcast on 13 March 1987)

Track Listing Edit

  • Richard Skinner hands over to Fluff
  • Dokken: Turn On The Action
  • Doro: Unholy Love
  • Danger Danger: Monkey Business 
  • Queensryche: Anybody Listening
  • Metallica: Don't Tread On Me
  • news read by Brian Whittaker
  • Scream: Love's Got A Hold On Me
  • Scream: I Don't Care
  • Voivod: Short Wave Intro
  • Voivod: Panorama
  • Gary Moore: The Loner (Live)
  • Julian Clary plug for his 'Intimate Contact' show later this evening (Fluff laughs after JC's remark: 'I can help you with your load!')
  • Electric Boys: Psychedelic Eyes
  • Electric Boys: All Lips & Hips
  • Dear Mr. President: Hey Daddy Have You Ever Been Arrested
  • Tape fades out on the above track

File Edit

  • 19920118
  • 1:15:25
  • Many thanks to Chris Franklin for the original upload.

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