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  • 1979-01-19
  • The music heard when Vance gives clues to the Friday Night Connection is Theme One by George Martin, the first music on Radio 1 when it was launched in September 1967.
  • From a collection of 274 tapes mixing John Peel shows, Friday Rock Shows and Alan Freeman Saturday Shows from 1978 to 1983. The Derby Box was acquired by the John Peel Yahoo Group.
  • Last 71 minutes of the show.

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  • Alternative TV. Recorded 1977-12-05 (Peel Session #1). First TX 1977-12-12. Available on The Radio Sessions (Overground).
  • Queen. Recorded 1977-10-28 (Peel Session #3). First TX 1977-11-14. 'Spread Your Wings' and 'My Melancholy Blues' available on remastered edition of News Of The World (Island).

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  • 1979-01-19 Friday Rock Show DB042+DB043.mp3
  • 01:11:20
  • Many thanks to the taper and the John Peel Group for ripping and sharing. Outstanding quality recording, missing the first 45 minutes.