Show Edit

  • 1983-05-20

Sessions Edit

  • Severed Head, rpt of one and only session. Recorded 1983-02-18. No known commercial release.
  • Motörhead, rpt of session recorded in 1978, originally broadcast on the John Peel show 25th September 1978. Available on BBC Live & In-Session.

Track Listing Edit

File Edit

  • Pt 1 - 144.F.R.S.20.05.83 Part One
  • Pt 2 - 145.F.R.S.20.05.83 Part Two
  • Part One 01:03:40
  • Part Two 00:56:10
  • Part 1- Good quality, bit of hiss. One drop out in the Omega track, and some intermittent & speed variation.
  • Part 2-the same (drop out in Steely Dan track) except that there is skipping throughout.
  • Many thanks to Stan Ward for the file transfer

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