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  • 1987-08-21
  • "Tonight we have another special event in the Friday Rock Show history: here, on the eve of Donington 1987, I have a guest in our studios, one of the constant front runners in the world of rock and roll. A man who's done countless gigs around the world, he's spent months in recording studios creating, along with various bands, a mass of classic tracks, many of which you're going to hear in tonight's programme. Stand by, on the Friday Rock Show tonight, to meet Ronnie James Dio!"
  • Taper: "Date confirmed. Tommy advises that it's the eve of Donington. This is the Monsters of Rock Festival on 22 Aug 1987. The last six tracks are a sweep of bands playing Monsters of Rock." [1]
  • Dio reveals that he hates the song 'Rock 'N' Roll Children', as he felt it didn't represent the group and was a step backwards, but was overruled by members of the band who wanted the song on the album.

Sessions Edit

  • None

Track Listing Edit

File a

File c

File b

File d

  • midnight news

File Edit

  • a) FRS-1987-08-21-A
  • b) FRS-1987-08-21-B
  • c) Tommy Vance 870821.mp3
  • d) FRS-1987-08-21-N
  • e) 1CDR0019966_BD01[3].mp3
  • f) 1CDR0019967_BD01[3].mp3
  • a) 01:00:44
  • b) 00:57:50
  • c) 01:18:49
  • d) 00:04:54
  • e) 01:05:18
  • f) 00:52:40
  • c) 256kbps
  • e), f) Recordings at the British Library

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