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Show Edit

  • 1987-08-21
  • Tommy chats to Ronnie James Dio on the eve of Donington and reveals that he hates the song 'Rock 'N' Roll Children', as he felt it didn't represent the group and was a step backwards, but was over ruled by members of the band who wanted the song in the album.

Sessions Edit

  • None

Track Listing Edit

Tracks marked # available on File 1.

File Edit

  • 1) Tommy Vance 870821.mp3
  • 2) 1CDR0019966_BD01[3].mp3
  • 3) 1CDR0019967_BD01[3].mp3
  • 1) 01:18:49
  • 2) 01:05:18
  • 3) 00:52:40
  • 1) 256kbps
  • 2)3) Recordings at the British Library

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