Show Edit

  • 1990-12-22


Track ListingsEdit

  • Ratt: City To City
  • Love/Hate: Blackout In The Red Room
  • Kansas: The Spider / Portrait (He Knew)
  • Thunder: Backstreet Symphony
  • Motorhead: The One To Sing The Blues
  • Bob Dylan: Joey
  • Ozzy Osbourne: Rock 'N' Roll Rebel
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex: Debora
  • The second album request played was by Cream but I'm not sure which song as it comes during a 15-minute gap in my recording; the intro is also missing so I cannot suggest any other missing acts during this part of the show
  • Scorpions: Don't Believe Her
  • Outlaws: Sticky Around For Rock 'N' Roll
  • Iron Maiden: Bring Your Daughter ... To The Slaughter

Pallas: Recorded at the 1983 Reading Festival

  1. Cut And Run
  2. Arrive Alive
  3. Arc Of Infinity
  4. Atlantis


  • Tracklisting only

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