Show Edit

  • 1989-01-22
  • Fluff's second Saturday Rock Show after returning to the BBC
  • File c. is almost complete with only the intro to the show missing.

Sessions Edit

  • Status Quo, recorded 1982-05-14 Birmingham N.E.C.

Track Listing Edit

  1. 'Whatever You Want'
  2. 'Hold You Back'
  3. 'Rockin' All Over The World'
  4. 'Over The Edge' (File a. ends during this track)
  5. 'Don't Waste My Time' (File b. starts during this track)
  6. 'Dirty Water'

File Edit

  • a. 01_Saturday_Rock_Show_22-01-1989_(Pt1).m4a (mono)
  • b. 4-01_Saturday_Rock_Show_22-01-1989_(Pt2).m4a (mono)
  • c. Fluff 1989-01-22 (SCAP).mp3  (mono with stereo patches)
  • a. 01:11:00
  • b. 01:03:59 (This file has parts of “Pick Of The Pops” at either end.)
  • c. 01:55:43 (Speed corrected and patched, this file includes the full version of Kix track and the tape flip patched from the FRS 1983-01-07 broadcast)

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