Show Edit

  • 1989-01-23
  • Pick Of The Pops – Sunday Archive Chart Show
  • Discovered in two parts on a Saturday Rock Show tape, now stitched and patched.

Track Listing Edit

  • 13 - Gary Glitter: 'I Love You Love Me Love' (Cuts during Fluff’s back announce)
  •   8 - Roy Wood: 'Forever' (Tape problems so patched with stereo version)
  •   7 - Golden Earring: 'Radar Love'
  •   6 - Alvin Stardust: 'My Coo Ca Choo'
  •   5 - New Seekers: 'You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me'
  •   4 - Cozy Powell: 'Dance With The Devil' (Gap in the recording, replaced with stereo version)
  •   3 - Leo Sayer: 'The Show Must Go One'
  •   2 - Sweet: 'Teenage Rampage' (Recording cuts out so replaced with stereo version)

File Edit

  • POTP 1989-01-23 (SCAP).mp3 (mono with stereo patches)
  • 00:27:29

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