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  • 1988-09-23
  • Hal: "After the BulletBoys track, Tommy re-starts some earlier competitions (Pink Floyd, Vixen, Bon Jovi and general junk) because there had been a postal strike and people couldn't write in. The 1988 strike ended on 13 Sep 1988 but the backlog took a few weeks to kick in. Date confirmed after the Nuclear Assault and Little Angels tracks by Tommy detailing the upcoming Night Rockin' show, which will start in 'a week and a day' at midnight on Sat 1 Oct. Also after the Little Angels track, Tommy announces that there won't be a FRS the following week because of Radio 1's 21st birthday. The only band Tommy mentions in the intro who don't appear in this track listing are the Seers. There was a band by this name who issued a couple of singles in 1988, but they don't sound like track 22." [1]

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  • a) Friday Rock Show, BBC Radio 1, 1988-09-23
  • b) FRS-1988-09-23-A
  • c) FRS-1988-09-23-B
  • a) 01:54:18
  • b) 01:02:17
  • c) 00:57:05
  • a) Many thanks to Kilasson.
  • b) & c) Many thanks to Hal C F Astell.
  1. An unsigned band that took part in the Rock Wars in the Friday Rock Show. Didn't seem to get very far, as they remained unsigned and vanished into oblivion.