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  • 1992-01-24
  • Taper's notes: "TV tells us what's coming up in tonight's show... and boy is it a good 'un! Former Rock War winners Dangerous are in session (and what a great session it is!), there's the latest Rock War Final, a stash of classic cuts old and new plus a run-down of the UK's top 30 rock/metal albums chart! There's also the answer to last week's Friday Night Connection (possibly the easiest one ever!) and a new one for us to solve (although strangely Tommy doesn't actually mention this in his intro!)"

Sessions Edit

  • Dangerous, one and only session (rpt). Recorded: 1991-12-06. No known commercial release.

Track Listing Edit

File a

Simon Bates trailer for forthcoming Bryan Adams concerts
Tommy counts down the rock/metal top 30 albums in the UK

File b
Rock War

  1. Tomcat: 'This Is Not Love'
  2. Israphel: 'Strength Of Heart' winners
  3. Bad To The Bone: 'Ripper'
Vow Wow's 'True Rock'n'Roll' on the radio' jingle
Tommy tells us about Rush's forthcoming UK tour dates....
Tommy enthuses about his upcoming trip to Minneapolis to see Superbowl XXVI with his ten year old son....

File c

Tommy reveals the result of the Rock War final. 3rd, Bad To The Bone; 2nd, Tomcat; winners: Israphel. He then plays that mystery track again and challenges us to identify who it is and where it is from.....

File Edit

  • a) Side 1 FRS 24-01-1992 part 1
  • b) Side 2 FRS 24-01-1992 part 2
  • c) Side 1 FRS 24-01-1992 part 3
  • a) 00:45:25
  • b) 00:45:12
  • c) 00:27:16
  • Many thanks to Chris Franklin.
  1. This track is a teaser as Tommy invites us to write in and tell him what this track is, who it's by and where it comes from! Steve Chambers from Guildford are you out there?!

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