Show Edit

  • 1981-12-25
  • AC/DC Christmas Party.
  • Tommy talks to the boys and plays some of their favourite tracks.
  • "Well, hello there. Good evening and welcome once again to the Friday Rock Show. This is Tommy Vance, and I hope you're having a really good Christmas. Tonight for the whole two hours, this programme is dedicated to the music of AC/DC, and also the music that the members of AC/DC happen to like and play at home. So you are now cordially invited to lock yourselves into two hours of AC/DC's Christmas Party!"

Sessions Edit

  • AC/DC, live tracks, from an unknown source.

Track Listing Edit

File Edit

  • 19811225 Tommy Vance - Friday Rock Show 25th December 1981 (AC-DC)
  • 02:01:53
  • 256kbps. Many thanks to Alan for re-up of dead torrent.

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