Show Edit

  • 1980-01-25

Sessions Edit

  • Roy Harper, recorded 1973-02-14 for Bob Harris. First TX 1973-02-19
  • Roy Harper, recorded 1974-12-05 for John Peel. First TX 1974-12-12
  • Roy Harper, recorded 1975-06-10 for John Peel. First TX 1975-06-23
  • Girl, recorded 1980-01-09 for Friday Rock Show. First TX 1980-01-25

Track Listing Edit

  • The Motors: 'Dancing The Night Away' (LP-The Motors)
  • Toto: 'White Sister' (LP-Hydra)
  • Pink Floyd: 'Comfortably Numb' (LP-The Wall)
  • Kevin Ayers: 'Dr Dream Theme' (LP-Confessions Of Dr Dream)
  • Girl: 'My Number' (FRS session 1980-01-09)
  • Black Sabbath: 'Dirty Women' (LP-Technical Ecstasy)
  • Roy Harper: 'South Africa' (Harris session 1973-02-14)
  • Roy Harper: 'Little Lady' (Harris session 1973-02-14)
  • Rainbow: 'Kill The King' (LP-On Stage)
  • Girl: 'Do You Love Me' (FRS session 1980-01-09)
  • Friday Night Connection
  • Girl: 'Lovely Lorraine' (FRS session 1980-01-09)
  • Uriah Heep: 'Carry On' (7" Single)
  • Roy Harper: 'To Many Movies' (LP-1974-12-05 BBC Session)
  • Roy Harper: 'Twelve Hours Of Sunset' (LP-1974-12-05 BBC Session)
  • Sledgehammer: 'Sledgehammer' (7" Single)
  • Gary Moore: 'Back On The Streets' (LP-Back On The Streets)
  • Girl: 'You Really Got Me' (FRS session 1980-01-09)
  • Roy Harper: 'Referendum' (Peel session 1975-06-10)
  • Roy Harper: 'The Spirit Lives' (Peel session 1975-06-10)
  • Heldon: 'Stand By (Excerpt)' (LP-Stand By)

File Edit

  • FRS 1980-01-25
  • 02:02:09
  • 192 kbps.

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