Show Edit

  • 1985-01-25
  • Hal's comments about files a & b: "This show listing is not complete, as it's missing the middle and the end. Sessions by Tokyo Blade and Robin George. The Tokyo Blade session was 'recorded last September', while the Robin George session was being broadcast for the first time. This dates the show to early 1985. The Friday Rock Show Wiki lists the latter as 25 Jan 1985. The gap between tracks 10 and 12 may or may not feature any music."
  • Pete's file brings the total recording length to 1hr 53min, it is almost certain that Tokyo Blade 'Breakout' is now the only track missing.

Sessions Edit

  • Robin George, one and only. Recorded: 1984-12-14. 'No News Is Good News' and 'Dangerous Music' available on Dangerous Music 7" (BBC Enterprises).
  • Tokyo Blade, one and only (rpt). Recorded: 1984-09-14. No known official release.

Track Listing Edit

File a begins with the 10 o'clock time signal pips

File a ends

  • Tokyo Blade: 'Breakout' (FRS Session) not recorded - back announced only

File b begins

File c begins during Uli Jon Roth track

File b ends part way through Teaze track

File c ends as Tommy signs off

File Edit

  • a) FRS-1985-01-25-A
  • b) FRS-1985-01-25-B
  • c) Friday Rock Show 25.1.85
  • a) 00:46:11
  • b) 00:46:12
  • c) 00:33:17
  • Many thanks to Hal C F Astell for track listing and recordings a & b, the latter of which he says: "This one is not a great recording, with interference during the Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top and Samurai tracks." [1]
  • Thanks to Pete Watts for file c

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