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  • 1978-08-26
  • Fluff's last Saturday Rock Show until 1989.
  • Two recordings are available, both in excellent FM stereo sound. The first contains the entire show, the second an hour and a half from after the start.

Session Repeats Edit

  • Sandy Denny. Recorded 1973-09-11 (Peel Session #2), first TX on Top Gear 1973-09-25. All except 'Solo' available on The BBC Sessions 1971-73 (Strange Fruit).
  • Be Bop Deluxe. Recorded 1976-02-10 (Peel Session #4), first TX on Peel Show 1976-02-23. Available on Tramcar To Tomorrow (Hux).
  • Lone Star. Recorded 1976-01-29 (Peel Session #1), first TX on Peel Show 1976-02-24. No known commercial release.
  • Queen. Recorded 1977-10-28 (Peel Session #3), first TX on Peel Show 1977-11-14. Available on On Air (Virgin EMI).
  • Brand X. Recorded 1976-02-26 (Peel Session #1), first TX on Peel Show 1976-03-08. Available on Missing Period (Pangea).

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File a begins

File b begins

File b ends

File a ends

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  • a) 1978-08-26 Alan Freeman BBC Radio 1
  • b) 1978-08-26 Saturday Rock Show DB006+DB007
  • a) 03:00:47
  • b) 01:31:59
  • a) Many thanks to Bill.
  • b) Many thanks to Chris and Rob.