Show Edit

  • 1982-02-26
  • 38 Special - US Radio Broadcast live in Atlanta, GA

Sessions Edit

  • Marillion - first transmission of session - "A new band, new to the radio anyway, I listened to this session yesterday, and it really is interesting. They're called Ma-rill-ion."

Track Listing Edit

  • Iron Maiden: 'The Number Of The Beast' (LP - The Number Of The Beast) EMI
  • Rods: 'Crank It Up' (EP - Full Throttle) Arista
  • Derek & The Dominoes: 'Layla' (Single re-release) RSO
  • Lou Reed: 'Waves Of Fear' (LP - The Blue Mask) RCA
  • Marillion: Forgotten Sons (Session)
  • 38 Special: 'Stone Cold Believer
  • 38 Special: 'First Time Around'
  • 38 Special: 'Turn It On'
  • Krokus: 'Bad Boys Rag Dolls' (LP - One Vice At A Time) Arista
  • Battleaxe: 'Burn This Town' (Single) Guardian
  • Marillion: 'Three Boats Down From The Candy' (Session)
  • Magnum: 'Soldier Of The Line' (LP - Chase The Dragon) Jet
  • Friday Night Connection
  • Marillion: 'The Web' (Session)
  • 38 Special: 'Wide Eyed Southern Boys'
  • 38 Special: 'Back Alley Sally'
  • 38 Special: 'Rockin' Into The Night'
  • 38 Special: 'Robin Hood'
  • Tommy concludes the show by announcing that the Enid's manager had received 520 letters regarding their cassette which would be mailed out soon, and that Tony Wilson wasn't in the studio as he was at Maida Vale recording a session with Tytan which would be broadcast soon.

File  Edit

  • FRS 1982-02-26
  • 1:02:06
  • 0:54:06
  • Unfortunately there is some degradation in the recording with some 'popping' and tape hiss. This resolves itself a little during the first Marillion track but reappears in the second file. Thanks to Stan Ward for the upload!

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