Show Edit

  • 1982-03-26

Sessions Edit

  • Tytan #1. Recorded: 1982-02-26
  • Phil Manzanera And 801 #1. Recorded: 1977-11-14 (Peel Session). Broadcast: 22 November 1977 (Peel Session)

Track Listing Edit

  • Spider: 'Talkin 'bout Rock 'N' Roll' (LP - Rock 'N' Roll Gypsies) RCA
  • Status Quo: 'Dear John' (single) Vertigo
  • Tytan: 'Cold Bitch' (Session)
  • The Rods: 'Power Lover' (LP - The Rods) Arista
  • Phil Manzanera's 801: 'On Remote Control' (session)
  • Diamond Head: 'Call Me' (LP- Borrowed Time) MCA
  • Ozzy Osbourne: 'I Don't Know' (Blizzard Of Ozz) Jet
  • Tytan: 'The Watcher' (session)
  • Iron Maiden: 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' (LP-The Number Of The Beast) EMI
  • Rainbow: 'Stone Cold' (LP-Straight Between The Eyes) Polydor
  • Rainbow: 'Eyes Of Fire' (LP-Straight Between The Eyes) Polydor
  • Phil Manzanera's 801: 'Out Of The Blue' (session)
  • Friday Night Connection
  • Tytan: 'Far Side Of Destiny' (session)
  • Phil Manzanera's 801: 'That Falling Feeling ' (session)
  • AC/DC: 'Shoot To Thrill' (LP-Back In Black) Atlantic
  • Brian Johnson interview
  • Geordie: 'Ain't It Just Like A Woman' (LP-Hope You Like It) EMI
  • Brian Johnson interview
  • AC/DC: 'Spellbound' (LP-For Those About To Rock) Atlantic
  • AC/DC: 'For Those About To Rock' (LP-For Those About To Rock) Atlantic
  • Tytan: 'Blind Men & Fools' (session)

File  Edit

  • FRS 1982-03-26
  • 1:01:15
  • 0:57:52

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