Show Edit

  • 1988-05-27
  • So let battle commence!"
  • a-c) Complete show plus news. Taper: "Tommy is unable to name the King Kobra track because he's playing it from a white label with no track listing. 'The track is titled I Haven't the Faintest Idea but it's track one on the B side' The date is confirmed by the news after the show, which includes the sinking of the Anna Broere in the North Sea on 27 May 1988. This also firmly dates the Judas Priest special to 20 May 1988 because Tommy talks about that being the previous week.." [1]
  • d) The recording is faded in and out during the first and last tracks of the show, approximately 22 minutes are missing.

Sessions Edit

  • Warfare, one and only (rpt). Recorded: 1988-03-18. No known commercial release.

Track Listing Edit

File a begins, file d fades in

File d edit

File a ends, file b begins

File d resumes

File d fades out, file b ends, news on file c

File Edit

  • a) FRS-1988-05-27-A
  • b) FRS-1988-05-27-B
  • c) FRS-1988-05-27-N
  • d) friday night rock show.mp3
  • a) 01:02:20
  • b) 00:56:47
  • c) 00:05:32
  • d) 01:32:06
  • a)-c) Many thanks to Hal C F Astell.
  • d) 192 kbps. Many thanks to Rubiconuk for uploading the audio.

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