• 1978-12-29
  • Available as two files.
  • The first is the beginning of the show up to and including the introduction of the Genesis concert (fading out during the opening crowd noise).
  • The second begins with a fade up during the crowd noise and runs through to the end of the programme.


  • Genesis: Recorded live at Knebworth, 24th June 1978 (originally broadcast on Alan Freeman's 'Saturday Show' 1st July 1978).

Track ListingEdit

File a begins

File c begins

File a ends, file b begins

  1. ‘Squonk’
  2. ‘Burning Rope’
  3. ‘Ripples’
  4. ‘Fountain Of Salmasis’
  5. ‘Deep In The Motherload’
  6. ‘One For The Vine’
  7. ‘The Lady Lies’
  8. ‘Afterglow’
  9. ‘Follow You Follow Me’
  10. ‘Dance On A Volcano/Los Endos’
  11. ‘I Know What I Like’

Files b and c end


  • a) FRS 1978-12-29 a
  • b) FRS 1978-12-29 b
  • c) 1978-12-29 Friday Rock Show DB037+DB038
  • a) 00:27:36
  • b) 01:31:57
  • c) 01:38:38
  • a) 128kbs fuzzy but listenable
  • b) 192kbs very good FM stereo
  • c) Excellent 256kbps FM stereo

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