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  • 1982-01-29

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  • Raven recorded 1982-01-15 for Friday Rock Show. First TX 1982-01-29
  • The Jethro Tull tracks are not from the session Tommy Vance describes (which was recorded 1975-06-10 in Montecarlo, first TX 1975-10-05 on 'Sounds on Sunday'). The full setlist of the session was: "Minstrel In The Gallery"/"Requiem"/"Aqualung" and "Cold Wind to Valhalla". The songs Vance plays are not from the session, rather LP versions (for example, the session version of "Cold Wind to Valhalla" does not have strings, while the album version has). Vance also plays one song ("The Chequered Flag") which wasn't even written yet at the time of the session!

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FRS 1982-01-29

  • 2:00:35
  • 192kbps

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