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  • 1979-06-29
  • Tommy will have to eat humble pie next week after awarding the £10 record token to someone with the wrong answer to last week’s Friday Night Connection. The answer is given as Rock because “Indian Sunset” is on “Rock Of The Westies”, shame it’s actually on “Madman Across the Water”

Sessions Edit

  • The Ruts, recorded 1979-01-23 for John Peel (Session #1). First TX 1979-01-29.
  • The Faces, recorded 1971-09-28 for John Peel. First TX 1971-10-06.
  • The Faces, recorded 1971-04-20 for Bob Harris. First TX 1971-05-03

Track Listing Edit

  • Scorpions: 'Love Drive' (LP-Love Drive)
  • The Ruts: 'Babylon's Burning' (Peel Session 1979-01-23)
  • Tubeway Army: 'Mr, I Disconnect From You' (LP-Replicas)
  • Cars: 'Double Life' (LP-Candy-O)
  • Cars: 'Shoo Be Doo' (LP-Candy-O)
  • Cars: 'Candy-O' (LP-Candy-O)
  • UFO: 'Only You Can Rock Me' (LP-Strangers In The Night)
  • Samson: 'Mr Rock And Roll'
  • The Faces: 'Stay With Me' (Peel Session 1971-09-28)
  • The Faces: 'Maggie May' (Peel Session 1971-09-28)
  • The Faces: 'Miss Judy's Farm' (Peel Session 1971-09-28)
  • National Health: 'Bryden 2 Step Part 1' (LP-Of Queues And Cures)
  • The Ruts: 'Savage Circle' (Peel Session 1979-01-23)
  • Steve Forbert: 'Thinking' (7" Single)
  • Friday Night Connection
  • The Ruts: 'Dope For Guns' (Peel Session 1979-01-23)
  • Captain Beefheart: 'Big Eyed Beans From Venus' (LP-Clear Spot)
  • Queen: 'Sheer Heart Attack' (LP-Live Killers)
  • Faces: 'Had Me A Real Good Time' (Bob Harris Session 1971-04-20)
  • Faces: 'Maybe I'm Amazed' (Bob Harris Session 1971-04-20)
  • Faces: 'Cindy Incidently' (Bob Harris Session 1971-04-20)
  • Rory Gallagher: 'Who's That Coming' (LP-Irish Tour 1974)
  • Joni Mitchell: 'God Must Be A Boogie Man' (LP-Mingus)
  • Frank Zappa: 'Stinkfoot' (LP-Apostrophe)

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  • FRS 1979-06-29 Pt1
  • FRS 1979-06-29 Pt2
  • 01:02:56
  • 00:58:32
  • 320 kbps. Many thanks to Haze for recording and track listing.