Show Edit

  • 1987-01-30
  • Tracks listed are from the show but come in individual files with TV's comments
  • An incomplete show

Sessions Edit

  • Vow Wow, #1. Recorded 1987-01-02. No known commercial release.

Track ListingEdit

  • Demon: Don't Break The Circle (LP - The Unexpected Guest) Carrere
  • Malisha: Burning Rage (LP - Serve Your Savage Beast) Shardan Kane  
  • Krank: Til Hell Freezes Over (LP - Hideous) Metal Blade   
  • Vow Wow: Hurricane (Session)
  • David Lee Roth: Goin' Crazy (LP - Eat 'Em And Smile) Warner Bros
  • Ruffians: Run For Cover (7" - Ruffians) Steamhammer
  • Underground Zero: Genocide (7" - Through The Looking Glass) Flicknife
  • Starcastle: Change In Time (LP - Song Of Times) MALS
  • Vow Wow: Shot In The Dark (Session)
  • Rods: Crossfire (LP - Heavier Than Thou) Passport
  • Robert Plant: Big Log (LP - The Principle Of Moments) Atlantic
  • Scorpions: No One Like You (LP - Blackout) Harvest
  • Yes: Owner Of A Lonely Heart (LP - 90125) ATCO
  • Jeff Beck: Ambitious (LP - Flash) Epic
  • Vow Wow: Nightless City (Session)
  • Diamond Rexx: Cuz I Wancha (LP - Land Of The Damned) Island
  • Exocet: The Raven (12" - Stalemate) Not on label
  • Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Chile (LP - Voodoo Chile) Galaxis
  • Crimson Glory: Azrael (LP - Crimson Glory) RoadRunner
  • Vow Wow: You Know What I Mean (Session)

File Edit

  • frs 1987-01-30.part1.rar
  • frs 1987-01-30.part2.rar
  • frs 1987-01-30.part3.rar
  • frs 1987-01-30.part4.rar
  • frs 1987-01-30.part5.rar
  • Individual files
  • Thanks to the uploader
  • Whole show in one file [1]

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