Show Edit

  • 1982-07-30


  • This is from one of the recently found "Scottish Tapes"

Sessions Edit

  • Various sessions from Cream from 1966 and 1967 on the Friday Rock Show

Track Listing Edit

Cream - Various sessions on the Friday Rock ShowEdit

  1. Cat's Squirrel (9th Dec 66)
  2. Traintime (9th Dec 66)
  3. Lawdy Mama (9th Dec 66)
  4. I'm So Glad (9th Dec 66)
  5. Strange Brew (21st Oct 66)
  6. Tales Of Brave Ulysess (21st Oct 66)
  7. We're Going Wrong (21st Oct 66)
  8. Stepping Out (3rd May 67)
  9. Swlabr (3rd May 67)
  10. Politician (3rd May 67)

File Edit

  • Tracklisting only

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