• 1985-05-31
    Blindfury (2)
  • The 31st May 1985 saw a collection of tunes transmitted which were recorded by Tony Wilson at the BBC Studios. 2 of the tunes, Contact Rock N Roll and Back Inside were re-recordings of those already featured on the NWOBHM album Out Of Reach on Roadrunner Records 1985. The remaining 2 tracks were exclusively recorded for the BBC show. "Hard Times", a stomp rocker with a catchy chorus (Tommy remarked upon) and "Feel Just The Same", a song originally aired on the Guardian Records Roksnax compilation by NE saracen 1981 then redeveloped with Kevin Heybourne of Angelwitch before enjoying a masterful re-imagining and production thanks to Tony Wilson featuring "blistering solos and soaring vocals." Even Tommy Vance himself is heard to utter immortal praise at the end of the tune, deeply appreciated and revered by the band to this day.... (Comments by page creator)
  • Lister's comments: "Mention of the upcoming Knebworth Festival on 22 Jun with Mama's Boys and Deep Purple. This dates the show to late in the first half of 1985. Tommy gives a birthday request a month early, which should have been 21 Jun 1985. There's also mention of Francis Rossi's birthday, which is 29 May. This is presumably therefore Fri 24 or 31 May. The Friday Rock Show Wiki lists the Bryan Adams concert as 24 May, so this must be 31 May."


  • Blind Fury, one and only. Recorded: 1985-04-26. No known commercial release.
  • Lionheart, one and only (rpt). Recorded: 1985-02-22. No know commercial release.

Track listingEdit

trailer for Knebworth


  • a) 337.F.R.S.31.05.85 Part One
  • b) 338.F.R.S.31.05.85 Part Two
  • Many thanks to Hal C F Astell for the track listing. [1].
Session tracks only

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