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  • 1980-10-31

Flashback 1970

“Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” isn’t from 1970 – Tommy should have played “Black Sabbath”

Sessions Edit

  • Free, recorded 1970-06-04 for Mike Harding. First TX 1970-06-23
  • Caravan, recorded 1970-08-19 for Top Of The Pops (Transcription Service)
  • The Nice, recorded 1970-03-25 for Andy Ferris (Sound Of The Seventies). First TX 1970-04-27

Track Listing Edit

  • Deep Purple: 'Speed King' (LP-In Rock)
  • Elton John: 'Take Me To The Pilot' (LP-Elton John)
  • Pink Floyd: 'Father's Shout' (LP-Atom Heart Mother)
  • Santana: 'Oye Como Va' (LP-Abraxas)
  • Free: 'All Right Now' (Harding session 1970-06-04)
  • Free: 'Fire And Water' (Harding session 1970-06-04)
  • Wishbone Ash: 'Phoenix' (LP-Wishbone Ash)
  • Eric Clapton: 'Let It Rain' (LP-Eric Clapton)
  • David Bowie: 'The Man Who Sold The World' (LP-The Man Who Sold The World)
  • Ten Years After: 'Sweet Little Sixteen' (LP-What)
  • The Who: 'Shakin' All Over' (LP-Live At Leeds)
  • The Nice: 'Pathetique' (Ferris session 1970-03-25)
  • Neil Young: 'Southern Man' (LP-After The Goldrush)
  • Yes: 'Time And A Word' (LP-Time And A Word)
  • Black Sabbath: 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' (LP-Greatest Hits)
  • Genesis: 'The Knife' (LP-Trespass)
  • Caravan: 'If I Could Do It All Over Again I'd Do It All Over You' (TOTP-TS session 1970-08-19)
  • Caravan: 'As I Feel I Die' (TOTP-TS session 1970-08-19)
  • Emerson, Lake and Palmer: 'Lucky Man' (LP-Emerson, Lake and Palmer)
  • Led Zeppelin: 'Since I've Been Loving You' (LP-Led Zeppelin 3)

File Edit

  • FRS 1980-10-31
  • 02:00:26
  • 192 kbps.

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