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If you open the editing window on any page and press the Source tab at the top right, you can see the underlying wikicode. This will show you the code to use for similar edits.

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  • When starting a new page, please follow the basic pattern of the templates you can find at Make A New Page.
  • Please look around a few pages on the site to get an idea of the general style used on specific types of pages. The site has evolved over time, so you may find small style variations. Please feel free to try out new things, but only within the basic pattern of the templates.
  • You may also wish to include extra features you may have seen that do not appear on the templates, such as those below. If it seems helpful, please copy and paste a wikicode example from one of the boxes for use on your page.

Vance quotes in a track listing Edit

Quotes from Tommy himself are very welcome and can go either in the "Comments" section or in the track listing itself. In the latter case, you can start a new line after the last record played before the comment and then follow the style below (brackets and quote marks optional).


Using Rich Text Editor: Indent and add italics.

: (TV: ''"Please add Vance quotes here."'')
Looks like
(TV: "Please add Vance quotes here.")

Adding footnotes Edit


Wikicode only.

This is a sample sentence.<ref>Sample footnote</ref>
 (At bottom of page, in new section)
Looks like

This is a sample sentence.[1]


References Edit

  1. Sample footnote