A list of the puzzles and their solutions for this year.


  1. Wishbone Ash: 'The King Will Come'
  2. Queen: 'Killer Queen'
  3. Stranglers: 'Princess Of The Streets'
Connection: Royalty.
  1. Deep Purple: 'Fools' (LP-Fireball) (Harvest)
  2. Ian Dury And The Blockheads: 'Blockheads' (LP-New Boots And Panties) (Stiff)
  3. Mott The Hoople: 'The Golden Age Of Rock N Roll' (LP-The Hoople) (CBS)
Connection: Ian (Paice, Dury & Hunter).
  1. Emerson Lake And Palmer: 'Lucky Man' (LP-Emerson Lake And Palmer) (Island)
  2. Yes: 'Turn Of The Century' (LP-Going For The One) (Atlantic)
  3. Thin Lizzy: 'Suicide' (LP-Fighting) (Vertigo)
Connection: Death.
  1. Emerson Lake And Palmer: 'Brain Salad Surgery' (LP-Works Vol.2) (Atlantic)
  2. Queen: 'Sheer Heart Attack' (LP-News Of The World) (EMI)
  3. Led Zeppelin: 'Houses Of The Holy' (2xLP-Physical Graffiti) (Swan Song)
Connection: The tracks do not appear on the album of the same name.


  1. Peter Gabriel: ’Here Comes The Flood (LP-Peter Gabriel 1 ('Car')) (Charisma)
  2. David Bowie: ’"Heroes" (LP-"Heroes")' (RCA)
  3. Blondie: ’Fade Away And Radiate (LP-Parallel Lines)' (Chrysalis)
Connection: all tracks feature Robert Fripp on guitar.
Connection: is the words "Friday", "Night" & "Connection"!


  1. Utopia: ‘Trapped’ (LP-Oops! Wrong Planet) (Bearsville)
  2. Grand Funk Railroad: ‘Shinin' On’ (LP-Shinin' On) (Capitol)
  3. Meat Loaf: ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ (LP-Bat Out Of Hell) (Epic)
Connection: all tracks taken from albums produced by Todd Rundgren.
  1. Free: ‘Mr Big’ (LP-Free Live) (Island)
  2. Argent: ‘Liar’ (LP-Argent) (CBS)
  3. Family: ‘Burlesque’ (LP-Bandstand) (Reprise)
Connection: the connection is in the song titles but the tape flip cuts Tommy off before he can fully explain.
  1. Eddie And The Hot Rods: ‘Get Out Of Denver’ (7”EP-Live At The Marquee) (Island)
  2. Bob Seger: ‘Main Street’ (LP-Night Moves) (Capitol)
  3. Thin Lizzy: ‘Rosalie’ (2xLP-Live And Dangerous) (Vertigo)
Connection: all tracks written by Bob Seger.
  1. Camel: 'Lunar Sea' (LP-Moonmadness) (Decca)
  2. Pink Floyd: 'Money' (LP-Dark Side Of The Moon) (Harvest)
  3. Santana: 'She's Not There' (2xLP-Moonflower) (CBS)
Connection: The Moon
  1. Deep Purple: 'Fireball (LP-Fireball)' (Harvest)
  2. Black Sabbath: 'Air Dance (LP-Never Say Die!)' (Vertigo)
  3. Barclay James Harvest: 'Poor Man's Moody Blues (LP-Gone To Earth)' (Polydor)
  4. Dire Straits: 'Down To The Waterline (LP-Dire Straits)' (Vertigo)
Connection: four elements - fire, air, earth, water


  1. Jimi Hendrix: 'Star Spangled Banner'
  2. Lone Star: 'Bells Of Berlin'
  3. Rainbow: 'Stargazer'
Connection: Star
  1. Rush: 'Overture' (LP-2112) (Mercury)
  2. Genesis: 'The Musical Box' (LP-Nursery Cryme) (Charisma)
  3. Rick Wakeman: 'Judas Iscariot' (LP-Criminal Record) (A&M)
Connection: Religion / Biblical (Last line of Overture is 'and the meek shall inherit the earth')
  1. Focus: 'Hocus Pocus' (LP-Moving Waves)
  2. Uriah Heep: 'Magician's Birthday' (LP-Magician's Birthday)
  3. Cheap Trick: 'Clock Strikes Ten' (LP-At Budokan)
Connection: Magic
  1. Thin Lizzy: 'Cowboy Song'
  2. Emerson Lake & Palmer: 'The Sheriff'
  3. Outlaws: 'Green Grass And High Tides'
Connection: Wild West


  1. The Who: 'I Am The Sea' (2xLP-Quadrophenia)
  2. Procol Harum: 'A Salty Dog' (LP-Live With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra)
  3. Mountain: 'Nantucket Sleighride' (LP-Nantucket Sleighride)
Connection: The Sea
  1. Genesis: 'Dancing With The Moonlit Knight' (LP-Selling England By The Pound)
  2. Pink Floyd: 'Brain Damage' (LP-Dark Side Of The Moon)
  3. Deep Purple: 'Listen, Learn, Read On' (LP-Book Of Taliesyn)
Connection: The track lyrics include the album title
  1. Television: 'See No Evil' (LP-Marquee Moon)
  2. Electric Light Orchestra: 'Can't Get It Out Of My Head' (LP-Eldorado)
  3. Van Der Graaf Generator: 'White Hammer' (LP-The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other)
Connection: Electrical Inventions


No connection this week due to re-broadcast of Yes Live At Wembley.
  1. Clash: 'White Man In Hammersmith Palais'
  2. Tubes: 'White Punks On Dope'
  3. Bonzo Dog Band: 'Big Shot'
Connection: Punk
  1. Queen: 'Liar' (LP-Queen)
  2. 10CC: 'Don't Hang Up' (LP-How Dare You)
  3. Manfred Mann's Earth Band: 'Saturn, Lord Of The Ring / Mercury The Winged Messenger' (LP-Solar Fire)
Connection: Mercury
  1. Jethro Tull: 'Too Old To Rock n Roll, Too Young To Die' (LP-Too Old To Rock n Roll, Too Young To Die)
  2. Elton John: 'Indian Sunset' (LP-Madman Across The Water)
  3. AC DC: 'Let There Be Rock' (LP-Let There Be Rock)
Connection: Young (in the lyrics of "Indian Sunset" and the Young brothers of AC DC)
  1. Al Di Meola: 'Race With The Devil On Spanish Highway' (LP-Elegant Gypsy)
  2. Santana: 'Gypsy Queen' (LP-Lotus)
  3. Jimi Hendrix: 'Message To Love' (LP-Band Of Gypsys)
Connection: Gypsy


  1. Led Zeppelin: 'Rock and Roll' (LP-Song Remains The Same)
  2. Be Bop Deluxe: 'Sound Track' (LP-Futurama)
  3. 10CC: 'Second Sitting For The Last Supper' (LP-Original Soundtrack)
Connection: Soundtrack
  1. Neil Young: 'After The Gold Rush' (LP-After The Gold Rush)
  2. Yes: 'Arriving UFO' (LP-Tormato)
  3. Sex Pistols: 'Anarchy In The UK' (LP-Never Mind The Bollocks)
Connection: Other bands named in the track titles.
  1. Roger Chapman: 'Shape Of Things' (LP-Chappo)
  2. Chris Squire: 'You By My Side' (LP-Fish Out Of Water)
  3. Eric Clapton: 'Mean Old Frisco' (LP-Slowhand)
Connection: Mel Collins - plays on EC & CS, has a thanks (but no player credit) on RC. (We don't have a recording of the next show so no official answer, this is the best I could come up with.)
Edit: Nicknames (Chappo, Fish, Slowhand)


  1. Pink Floyd: 'Any Colour You Like' (LP-Dark Side Of The Moon)
  2. Ted Nugent: 'Stormtrooper' (LP-Double Live Gonzo)
  3. Montrose: 'Bad Motor Scooter' (LP-Montrose)
Connection: Muppets (Floyd, Gonzo & Scooter)
  1. Brand X: 'Earthdance' (LP-Masques)
  2. Groundhogs: 'Earth Is Not Room Enough' (LP-Who Will Save The World)
  3. Robin Trower: 'Confessing Midnight' (LP-For Earth Below)
Connection: Earth
  1. Crosby Stills Nash And Young: 'Southern Man' (LP-Four Way Street)
  2. Led Zeppelin: 'Black Dog' (LP-Led Zeppelin IV)
  3. Billy Cobham: 'Quadrant Four' (LP-Spectrum)
Connection: Four
  1. Nazareth: 'Whiskey Drinking Woman' (LP-Hair Of The Dog)
  2. Wings: 'Medicine Jar' (3xLP-Wings Over America)
  3. Thin Lizzy: 'Opium Trail' (LP-Bad Reputation)
Connection: Scottish guitarists - nobody got it this week so it will be repeated next week


  1. Nazareth: 'Whiskey Drinking Woman' (LP-Hair Of The Dog)
  2. Wings: 'Medicine Jar' (3xLP-Wings Over America)
  3. Thin Lizzy: 'Opium Trail' (LP-Bad Reputation)
Connection: Scottish guitarists - nobody got it last week so it was repeated this week
  1. Steve Hillage: 'Musick Of The Trees' (LP-Green)
  2. David Gilmour: 'It's Deafinitely' (LP-David Gilmour)
  3. Kansas: 'Point Of Know Return' (LP-Two For The Show)
Connection: Intentionally incorrect spelling
  1. Genesis: 'Afterglow' (LP-Wind And Wuthering)
  2. Jon Anderson: 'Flight Of The Moorglade' (LP-Alias Of Sunhillow)
  3. Camel: 'Unevensong' (LP-Raindances)
Connection: Weather


  1. Supertramp: The Two of US (LP-Even in the Quiestest Moments)
  2. Queen: Seven Seas of Rhye (LP-Queen 2)
  3. Montrose: Space Station Number Five
Connection: 275, one of Radio 1's then MW frequencies
  1. Manfred Mann's Earth Band: 'The Road To Babylon (LP-The Roaring Silence)' (Bronze)
  2. Black Sabbath: 'Killing Yourself To Live (LP-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)' (WWA)
  3. Man: 'Back Into The Future (LP-Back Into The Future)' (United Artists)
Connection: contradictions in titles (oxymorons)
  1. UFO: 'Built For Comfort' (LP-Phenomenon)
  2. Foghat: 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' (7” Single)
  3. Rolling Stones: 'Little Red Rooster' (7” Single)
Connection: all songs written by Willie Dixon
  1. Styx: 'Queen Of Spades' (LP-Pieces Of Eight)
  2. Whitesnake: 'Queen Of Hearts' (LP-Northwinds)
  3. Wishbone Ash: 'Diamond Jack' (LP-Front Page News)
Connection: playing cards


  1. Led Zeppelin: 'Trampled Underfoot' (LP-Physical Graffiti)
  2. Jefferson Airplane: 'Wooden Ships' (LP-Voluteers)
  3. Budgie: 'Breadfan' (LP-Never Turn Your Back On A Friend)
Connection: flight
  1. Blues Brothers: 'I Can't Turn You Loose' (LP-Briefcase Full Of Blues)
  2. Neil Young: 'Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)' (LP-Rust Never Sleeps)
  3. Pink Floyd: 'Pigs On The Wing' (LP-Animals)
Connection: Songs that open and close the album, an unintended link is colours
No connection this week - "Now We Are One" 1st anniversary show.
  1. Bruce Springsteen: 'Born To Run' (LP-Born To Run)
  2. Bob Seger: 'Night Moves' (LP-Night Moves)
  3. Edgar Winter: 'Frankenstein' (LP-They Only Come Out At Night)
Connection: Seasons (Summer is in lyrics of Night Moves)
No connection this week - Roger Waters "The Wall" special.


  1. Jefferson Starship: 'Ride The Tiger' (LP-Dragonfly)
  2. Rush: 'Anthem' (LP-Fly By Night)
  3. Scorpions: 'Top Of The Bill' (LP-In Trance)
Connection: ? Fly, a Scorpion an insect ???
  1. Peter Frampton: 'It's a Plain Shame' (LP-Wind Of Change)
  2. Free: 'All Right Now' (LP-Fire And Water)
  3. Robin Trower: 'Shame The Devil' (LP-For Earth Below)
Connection: Elements, no one got this but loads of people said "shame" so they chose one of those as a winner.
No connection this week because of Christmas post.